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Another stolen meme, from :icongroovy-gecko:

  • Pick at least two of your OCs.
  • Write down at least ten facts about yourself. They can be as broad as you want but keep them varied.
  • With each fact, score each of your OCs the following:
  • 3 POINTS if your character is 100% exactly the same
  • 2 POINTS if the character is similar but not quite the same
  • 1 POINT if the character is indifferent/neutral to this.
  • 0 POINTS if the character would completely disagree.
  • The character(s) with the most points is most like you! (Self inserts and personas will most likely be winners but what you can do is judge them separately.)

My characters:
I'm going to keep it simple and only choose a few!
  • Risa
  • Raina
  • Molly
  • Annie
  • Gerardo (so we have at least one boy)
The facts:

1. I love to dress up.

3 POINTS: Risa, Molly
2 POINTS: Gerardo
1 POINT: Raina, Annie

2. I collect things.  Lots of things, ranging from movie merch to stuffed animals, it just never ends!!! (For my OC's, i'll count it if they have a collection of anything)

2 POINTS: Annie, Gerardo
1 POINT: Risa, Raina
0 POINTS: Molly

3. I love singing.

3 POINTS: Risa, Molly
2 POINTS: Annie
1 POINT: Gerardo
0 POINTS: Raina

4. I doubt myself quite a bit.

3 POINTS: Raina
2 POINTS: Molly
1 POINT: Risa, Gerardo
0 POINTS: Annie

5. I LOVE musical theatre!

3 POINTS: Risa
2 POINTS: Molly, Annie
1 POINT: Raina
0 POINTS: Gerardo

6. I prefer staying in to going out.

3 POINTS: Raina
1 POINT: Risa, Molly
0 POINTS: Annie, Gerardo

7. Favorite color is pink!

3 POINTS: Risa, Molly
2 POINTS: Raina (Her 2nd favorite)
0 POINTS: Annie, Gerardo

8. I love food.

3 POINTS: Risa
2 POINTS: Gerardo
1 POINT: Raina, Molly, Annie

9. I can be very dramatic.

3 POINTS: Risa, Raina
2 POINTS: Molly
1 POINT: Gerardo
0 POINTS: Annie

10. I'm terrible with secrets.

3 POINTS: Molly
2 POINTS: Raina, Annie
1 POINT: Gerardo
0 POINTS: Risa

  • Risa: 21
  • Raina: 17
  • Molly: 20
  • Annie: 10
  • Gerardo: 8
Not surprised, I mean Risa is a persona.  This was fun!!!  I wish I had done more OCs actually, but i've got stuff to do.  Y'all should try this it's super fun!!!


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